Westerncity Online Banking

Western city Online provides customers a secure and convenient platform where they can execute banking transactions from the comfort of their homes and offices using an internet enabled device. Customers can take control of the transactions and can safely transfer funds, pay bills etc. Western City Online will ensure customers do not have to come to the experience centres to get value.

    • View Account Information
    • Manage Multiple Accounts
    • Funds Transfer within Western City Bank
    • Funds Transfer across all international banks via Funds transfer
    • Bills Payment
    • Debit Card Requests
    • Cheque Book Requests
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We have developed a systematic process of operating, maintaining, and upgrading the assets of our clients cost-effectively.


We focus on providing asset management services to our clients using a very transparent top down/bottom up investment process, to ensure relative security of principal and generate out-performance on a risk adjusted basis. We also offer a number of products including our Legacy family of funds, which is suitable for institutional clients with various investment mandates through our various business units’ distribution channel. Our services include Fund Investment Products and we create structured products for discerning institutional clients.


We have a team of seasoned professionals who have several years’ experience. Our team will provide the support you need right from the beginning of the process to the end.


At FCAM, we go beyond quality investment advice, building strong client relationships and delivering consistent results because we believe that your portfolio is the cornerstone of your financial foundation. We also understand that building and managing a portfolio requires a range of resources, including insights into financial markets, strategic allocation and a broad array of investment choices. Hence, you require the services of a professional who understands what your portfolio represents to you, in terms of your financial goals.

We offer investment capabilities across all major asset classes for private clients and financial intermediaries and institutional investors around the world.

Customized Services

We provide tailored investment management services to our clients, where accredited investment advisers assess their risk profile and prescribe the optimal asset allocation from our portfolio of investment products. We have a structured approach to client engagement. The whole idea is to gain a true understanding of each client’s needs and proffer tailor-made solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.




Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns, the value of investments may fall as well as rise, and investors may not get back the original amount invested.


The Foreign Currency Accounts are an array of Foreign Currency denominated accounts with benefits such as currency flexibility, convenience and ease in account operations. The product array is comprised of a Foreign Currency Savings, Current and Fixed Deposit Account. The Foreign Currency Accounts totally protect you from exchange rate fluctuations and offer you very attractive interest rates on your funds.

Why choose the Foreign Currency Accounts?

  • The Foreign Currency accounts are available in three convertible currencies: United States Dollar (USD), Great Britain Pounds Sterling (GBP) and European Euro (EUR).
  • Relatively low account opening balance of
    • Fixed Deposit: USD5,000.00 or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • Offers attractive interest rate payments
  • Flexibility to exchange foreign currencies and to transfer or move funds easily from your Foreign Currency account to your accounts.
  • Allows for Foreign Currency Salary payments and the lodgement of Foreign Currency clearing instruments and Traveler’s Cheques for clearing.
  • No charges for cash withdrawals from the Foreign Currency Savings Account
  • Offers foreign currency telegraphic Inbound and Outbound transfers, and the Issuance of foreign currency denominated drafts on the current account variant.
  • Only outbound transfers are allowed on the Foreign Currency Savings Account.
  • Attractive fixed deposit rates for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360-day Foreign Currency Fixed deposits.
  • On the Fixed Deposit Accounts, there are no penal charge for premature liquidation after 30 days, however, the applicable rate will be based on the duration of the foreign currency deposit.
  • FCMB Pre-Funded MasterCard Credit Card which can be used on all ATMs, POS terminals and Web Merchants with the MasterCard logo. The FCMB pre-funded MasterCard offers you:
    • International access to funds
    • Ease and convenience in Foreign Currency payments
    • Allows you carry your special moments with you
    • Embedded with a passport Picture for enhanced security
    • Helps you control your foreign currency spend
  • Offers the option of a personalised Cheque-Book in either USD, GBP or Euro, for Over-The-Counter and third party foreign Currency transactions, at a minimal cost.
  • Account can be operated either as an individual or a joint account.


Who can benefit from the Foreign Currency Accounts?

  • Individuals who want to hedge against adverse fluctuations in exchange rates and minimize the exchange risk.
  • Individuals with funds in foreign currency who desire to earn competitive interest payments and require the flexibility for withdrawals at will, without a penal charge.
  • Individuals who require the ease and flexibility to cross currencies between the USD, GBP and Euro.
  • Expatriates with residence or work permit that earn in Foreign Currency and require the flexibility and convenience to save, transfer or transact on their funds.


The Education Investment Plan

The Education Investment Plan is a convenient and secure way to save for a child’s university education in the USA, UK. The product provides both educational and actuarial advice, and aims to help parents and guardians build up a lump sum by investing periodically (monthly/quarterly/yearly) into an investment fund the bank will pay out when the plan ends.


  • Education advice, which is restricted to universities in the USA, UK and other countries.
  • Projected benchmark return at prevailing MPR(Monetary Policy Rate)
  • Parents control assets until child reaches legal age
  • Can be operated for an unborn child
  • Online account access which enables investors to check their balance, review contribution history and investment performance online
  • Total amount contributed is guaranteed if investment is held for more than a year.
  • Investors are free to designate a different beneficiary at any time.
  • Funds are not frozen upon unlikely event of the demise of the investor if they take up a life insurance cover.
  • Initial minimum deposit is $2000 /$5000 for Schools in the USA, UK,


  • Convenient contribution through direct debits.
  • Security of investment, professionally managed by leading asset managers
  • Education advisory services
  • Life insurance for investor (optional)
  • Effective monitoring of the fund by independent Board of Trustees